"Brown-Forman relies on Louisville Water Company to provide outstanding quality water and the customer service to back it up."

- Brown-Forman


We're known for our innovative approach in maintaining the network of pipes that deliver water. Louisville Water's program to maintain over 4,100 miles of water main is considered a national model. If you're locating a business or a large facility in the Louisville area, chances are we've already got the infrastructure in place to reliably deliver all the water you'll need.

Protecting the community and your investment is also a daily focus. With flow rates up to thousands of gallons of water per minute, we provide some of the most robust fire protection for industrial and commercial sites in the nation.

...And New Ideas to Help You Manage it.

In Louisville, water is the natural resource that never runs out. Up to 75 billion gallons of water in the Ohio River flows by Louisville every day. On average, Louisville Water produces 119 million gallons of drinking water daily, which takes far less than 1% of the water that flows by us each day. Louisville is fortunate to have an abundant water source and Louisville Water has capacity. In fact, we have the ability to double our daily production almost instantly.

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Public health is at the core Louisville Water's mission. Louisville's water quality consistently ranks among the purest in the country - in the Top 10 for Outstanding quality, and at the top for taste. Both of Louisville Water's treatment facilities are considered best in class for producing high-quality water - a distinction that only 14 water utilities nationwide have achieved.

Louisville Water has rich history of Innovation; filtration methods were pioneered here in the late 1800's. In 2001, we were the first in the world to combine a tunnel and collector well system as a source for a superior supply of drinking water. Louisville Water has several national and international awards and recognition from the American Water Works Association and the Partnership for Safe Drinking Water.

Louisvillians can be elitists when it comes to tap water. In fact the water supply is so good it has a name - Louisville pure tap®. Louisville Water was the first - and to date the only - water utility to trademark tap water. Louisville pure tap® is proudly served at board meetings, festivals, sporting events, concerts and many other places.

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Louisville Water's base rate is a good deal. We have declining rate blocks for commercial and industrial customers.

1. Louisville $
4. Las Vegas $$
7. Austin $$$
2. Dallas $
5. San Jose $$
8. Los Angeles $$$$
3. Long Beach $$
6. San Diego $$$
9. San Francisco $$$$



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"We've had great tasting water and a progressive water utility for so long, we almost take it for granted. Many cities, however, are extremely envious to say the least of both the quality and quantity of our water supply. It's a huge part of what makes Louisville a great place to live, as well as grow a business, because companies know that they can count on a constant, affordable supply of water."

- Mayor Greg Fisher, Louisville Metro

"Louisville Water Company is great to work with. They helped us with everything we needed to modernize our water system. We couldn't have done it without them."

- River Ridge Commerce Center

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